Technical Sizing and Formats

Paper and Envelope sizes

Printers often seem to speak a different language still referring to A1, A2, and so on. Our industry refers to 'sheet' and paper sizes so this section of our site shows the format (portrait or landscape) and sizes in mm, for your convenience.

Size Metric(mm)

A1            594 x 841

A2            420 x 594

A3            297 x 420

A4            210 x 297

A5            148 x 210

A6            105 x 148

A7           75 x 105

A8          53 x 75


Envelope Sizes

C3           324 x 458 mm          

C4           229 x 324 mm          

C5           162 x 229 mm           

DL           110 x 220 mm          

C6           114 x 162 mm           

C7           81 x 114 mm             


Maximum print area

Digital 445 x 308

Litho 705 x 505


Listed below are just a few industry terms and their corresponding meanings (in plain English). We have also shown some common folds and the correct descriptions above them. This is an area of our website continually under development for the benefit of designers, print specifiers and customers, should you wish to see more technical information included or any other suggestions that would help we would be delighted to hear from you, also our 'guide to print' available as a PDF download offers further help and information. 


A row of small holes in (paper) so that a part may be torn off easily.
"continuous stationery is perforated to allow separation into single sheets"
Can be used for different reasons e.g tokens, tickets, vouchers etc.

Booklet options

Saddle stitch - Stapled along the middle of the folded pages

Wiro binding - Coil wire binding the pages together through punched holes.

Perfect binding - This is better for booklets with a lot of pages, all the pages are glued together along one edge and enclosed within the cover. 

Basic fold types

Bi Fold






Accordian Fold


Roll Fold

Roll fold